Intro: What is Retro Style?

November 18, 2017 12:00 pm

Published by: Nhi Do

So, the question is, what is this Retro Style? And why did we name it “Retro”?
Perhaps we can agree that this term can be defined in many different ways, but the essential meaning is a style or fashion from recent past. Some people might think of certain colors or clothing while others picture something from the 90’s.

As for me, I was very inspired by Nonetta from DevianArt. I felt in love with the character and the style, which is a unique, pure and romantic style. Looking at the Nonetta drawings, I felt like I went back in time. This was a great inspiration that created such good feelings! Right there, I knew that I wanted to evoke similar feelings, but with a twist of own personal values.

When I met Nataly Tsiapalo, I realized how lucky I felt to have met such a talented artist. She has a strong work ethic with a lovable personality that reminds me of our animated characters. Our purpose was to create something adorable, simple and classic that will never go out of style. The artistic interpretation led to the creation of embracing small details with a nice mix of light and heavy strokes and lines – taking us back in time. The creation of these feelings made us define the artwork as a Retro Style, which we associate with “the good times”

All the best,
Nhi Do,
Founder of Story No. 9