Intro: What is Hipster Style?

November 25, 2017 12:00 pm

Published by: Nhi Do

What is a Hipster and why did we classify our artwork with “Hipster Style”? It’s likely that most of us think of a Hipster as a person with certain characteristics. As per definition, a hipster is usually a person that doesn’t want to be like everyone else. Thus, there is a much a deeper historical explanation of the term, but one thing is certain, the hipster subculture is something special!

One of the artist styles that were not determined beforehand was the Hipster Style. When I first met Hamza Dalgalidere, I was stunned by his stubbornness, dedication and deepness as an artist. I wanted him to be part of the team without knowing the artist style. After a great amount of revisions, we agreed on a “Sailor Style” working with the blue and red colours on a plain white background. He was clearly inspired by Van Gogh’s Abstract art, using fine wavy lines. Likewise the famous painter, Hamza used complementary colours to form beautiful vibrant contrasts – but something was missing.

Months into the illustrating process, we were never fully satisfied with the Sailor Style. We even considered re-illustrating all drawings until I thought of these so-called “forbidden colours” such as green versus red and blue versus yellow. It’s told that only if we look at them in the right way, the forbidden colours can be seen. Once we applied a yellow background on the blue lines, we immediately loved how this artwork was standing out from rest, just like a real Hipster. In that way, we finally got our Hipster Style with a joyful interpretation using few flashy colours in an elegant manner

All the best,
Nhi Do,
Founder of Story No. 9