Story No. 9’s new shop on Etsy!

June 6, 2020 12:00 pm

Published by: Story Team

Story No. 9 is now selling on Etsy! We decided to join the world of unique and creative goods. You probably know about Etsy as a place to find unique handcrafted treasures and gifts. Nevertheless, it supports our love mission since Etsy allows more exposure to our personalised books. We actually love this new craft community, and it’s a great way to attract other creative and artistic souls and new couples and friends, who are eager to impress their loved ones with something different. During the pandemic, some Etsy buyers have been using our love tickets to send quarantine hugs and uplifting messages.

But… There is a BUT!

We’re one in a million (literally). And that is a challenge accepted.

It’s easy to be lost in the crowd, and we’re gonna keep updating our Story No. 9 Etsy Store, spread love, happiness, and STAND OUT and BE UNIQUE.

Looks like we’re officially part of the Etsy Family, so please go ahead and check out our store for the latest discounts, love books, personalised gifts, and more. Please like and ‘Favourite shop’ for the latest update. We promise it’s a good place to support small businesses, get inspiration, and discover items you never knew existed! What are you waiting for? Visit us on Etsy now: