Story No. 9 on WOWCHER UK!

August 8, 2020 12:00 pm

Published by: Story Team

Story No. 9 is dedicated to spreading love in the UK! Our personalised love books are favoured by UK couples and friends. Since we’re connected with a global printer that gives us the opportunity to print locally and reduce carbon footprint. It’s a perfect setup for introducing the books through Wowcher, Etsy, etc. (and more to come). All our personalised books are printed and distributed from multiple locations, including from the UK with a touch of my Danish upbringing of ‘hygge’. Hygge is about finding joy in the simple things.

Wowcher is a large deal site that gives us an opportunity to spread more love and kindness. With everything that is going on in 2020, there’s never been a better time to spread the love! Together with Wowcher, we’re offering the best discount possible.

Come along and spread the love with a personalised gift book for him, her, or a friend. Each book comes with 9 tickets of different things to do for a loved one, ranging from watching the sunset to cooking a delicious, homecooked meal for the recipient – a gift that special someone with some quality time together! You’ve heard of two tickets to paradise – well, we’re going a few better with this deal… (only in the UK!)