A Love Mission: Helping Lovers To Enjoy The Small Things

modern love story no 9

November 11, 2019 11:00 am

Published by: Story Team

During your first date with someone, you feel the rush. Both are connecting, and the game’s on! There are more flirting, laughing, and some acting. You are showing your best behavior. Especially in the early stages, you want to impress with gifts and high priced romantic settings. While expensive treats are nice, but it’s the small things that add up to make a notable difference. Deep down, we know that materialistic gestures are not the cornerstones for successful relationships. In fact, once you set the standard high, it will be hard to keep up with that version of yourself. Later, it might lead to disappointments.

If both are truly connected, it wouldn’t make the biggest difference whether you are eating pizza or gourmet. Feelings don’t lie, and you would still have a good time regardless. In fact, you want to spoil those who can appreciate the small things in life first, before find greater joy in the big things. It doesn’t have to be complicated! There are many ways for dates and couples to enjoy the small things like:

1) Watching the sunset/sunrise

2) Visit a museum

3) Go for a hike

4) Go for a bike ride

5) Visit a public garden

6) Order Take Away

7) A jog on the beach

8) Enjoy an icecream

9) Feed the ducks at a pond

That’s why I created a book to help couples enjoy life’s simple pleasures, called Story No. 9.

It’s a series of personalised books of tickets that can be redeemed for a range of activities, like a home-cooked meal or watching the sunset. It offers a simple, unique, and unfiltered way to encourage putting in the work and effort, by presenting a truly thoughtful gift.


On a guest blog for a media site that inspires women with ONLY positive news. GIRLTALKHQ empowers women that share powerful stories. We share our view of how modern women are taking more control of their romantic lives, and how the whole romance industry is focused on spending more and more money… but is that really necessary?

This is Story No. 9’s guest post on GIRLTALKHQ: